Thursday, February 3, 2011

House Hunting

We are not actively house hunting.  Mostly because we just can't accept staying in MN for very long, but we can't see ourselves leaving right now either.  But I did find this house a few weeks ago, and I like it lots.  Mostly because it is so nice for such a good price and in a great location.

The trees on the right?  That is a wooded park!

Exactly the kind of fencing we need for our chihuahuas to not be able to see out and freak out.  I would probably rip up some of that crap in the back though and make it more grassy.

Nice big windows.

I like the open ceilings around the kitchen.

A cute little nook!

And a basement with a fireplace and built in bookshelves.  Holla!

But, the timing just isn't working out for us.  So there must be a better house out there for us. :)


Taumi said...

I love the exterior, and I am sure it;s nice inside too but I just can't get around all that dark "faux rich" look. The cranberry wall, the two toned living room wall...needs some light and color! In my humble opinion. =)

lyndsey said...

Oh but Taumi, that's the joy of owning. You can RENOVATE!!! Color is such an easy thing to change :)

Miriam said...

My favorite part is that you said "holla" at the end. And it looks so cute!

Kate said...

DON'T DO IT! Owning a house is a pain, unless you can pay for it right away I guess.