Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Weekend

  • All day saturday I was sick (allergy sick).  Almost entirely worthless.  But I did manage to clean quite a bit.
  • Dad came over and helped me shampoo some of my carpets (lending me their shampooer) and now the rest of the shampooing is up to me!
  • We made pancakes!  (stay tuned)
  • I made some guacamole for the superbowl.
  • We went to my parents house for the superbowl and ate so much delicious food!
  • Good job Packers!
  • Dylan FINALLY seems to be feeling a little better.
  • Today begins another one of those amazing 12-day work weeks...ugh.
P.S. The picture above is of a day that it was snowing like crazy, but the sky was completely blue!  You can see the blue sky in the picture above, but you can't see the snow.  The ones below are from the same time, and you can't really tell the sky is blue, but you can kinda see the snow.  You still can't really get the whole idea, but it was pretty cool.  Take my word.

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Taumi said...

That first photo is gorgeous and so relaxing. I like the subdued color.