Friday, April 29, 2011

I ate some of the starbursts that went into this dress,

Great job Kerrin and Tara!  Ellen had parts of this video on her show the other day, that's when you know you made it big!  Haha.

So impressive, I wish I had that kind of dedication.


Taumi said...

kind of crazy though...I like the idea of making art from wrappers and such but wearing it to an important event is a little over the top. I guess prom isn't really that big of a deal if you really get down to it, but I once saw a wedding dress made out of wax paper by an artist. Although, it didn't look like wax paper and was really pretty.

Mike said...

LOL I did too! I would be afraid of it falling apart.

Vanessa said...

Whoa! What a cool memory they'll have forever now :)