Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Organizing Extra

This wasn't a challenge.  But here is an update of some of my organizing on top of the challenges.

There is the photo box I mentioned a few days ago.  And with it are 3 other photo boxes, but not for photos.  One for product information and handbooks, and two for cards I've received.
Then there are all of my PT journals and magazines I need to work my way through.

I realize this closet looks messy, but if only you could have seen it before.  All I'm lacking is a good shelving area and my craft area will be complete!

I organized our bathroom by adding a little tray for all of our sink junk.  It is amazing how much that little tray makes everything look so much neater.

And I got a new shelf for our bathroom.  I have been wanting a place to put our towels instead of a box on the floor ever since the day we moved in!

And my favorite project yet.  If only I was good at taking 'before' pictures.  Then you would see the amazingness of these next two photos.  But oh well, just know, it is sooooo much better now.  This is our entry closet/game closet.

And I was able to get a shelf for here too!!!!  I really can't express how happy that shelf makes me.

So there you have it!  I've been an organizing fool lately, and I love it!


peacelovevegan said...

Looks awesome!

Taumi said...

You would die if you saw my craft shelves! I really need a whole walk in closet for that junk! If only I would pick one hobby and not a million.