Sunday, May 29, 2011

you probably weren't really wondering, but I'm filling you in anyways

In My Closet:

Clothes: bright tanks and cardigans (wanting some pale yellow jeans)
On my feet: gladiators (wanting some toned down motorcycle boots)
Accessory: My fedora (wanting another!)
Jewelry: My trusty pink flowers (wanting these cloth necklaces)
In My Bathroom:

: Burt's Bees Facewash (wanting a new/different/but mostly healthier face lotion)
Makeup: Neutrogena black eyeliner, shroom shimmer L'Oreal eye
shadow, Neutragena mineral powder (wanting to be brave enough to not wear any makeup unless I'm dressing up)
Hair: Burt's Bees pomagranite shampoo and conditioner, frizz control hairspray from I can't remember...might be Tresemme' (wanting...nothing, I like my hair products, but my hair dryer sparks, so maybe a new one of those?  Don't worry, it's only burned my hair once)

In My Kitchen:

Cookbook: French Women Don't Get Fat, Vegan with a Vengeance, Skinny Bitch in the Kitch (wanting:

Gadget: My awesome Kitchenaid Mixer (wanting a cherry pitter and a bread box)
Recipe: Most recently made a white bean soup that was super yummy! (wanting to try making my
favorite chocolate chip recipe Malachi-friendly)
Ingredient: I've been loving making things with swiss chard

In My Home:

Walls: I have not hung up anything at all and I've lived here over a year, I'm really bad at that (wanting a mantel around our fireplace and to do something similar to this:)

Bedding: I love our leafy duvet (but I would love a huge comfy girly-countryesque quilt)
Flowers: ya right, we live in the worst possible place for plants to survive (but I love peonies, and want to maybe put a potted plant out on our patio)
Inspiration: I have an endless amount of home-inspiration-photos.  Really, I have a lot.  So I will just share my most recent saved photo.  I like it for many reasons.  The fireplace, lots of seating areas, a little reading corner, little splashes of color...

My Entertainment:

On my nightstand: The End of the Alphabet and The Greatest Story Ever Told as well as some new magazines such as Shape and BHG (just finished Bossypants and a couple of People magazines)
On my Netflix Watch Instantly: Ally McBeal and Psych (just finished Scrubs)
But What About Movies: Wanting to go see Bridesmaids in theaters and we have How to Train Your Dragon on DVD waiting to be watched, also The Switch should be coming next from Netflix (Just watched The Hangover II in the theater, as for on DVD I've recently watched No Strings Attached, Country Strong and The King's Speech)
On my Ipod: parts of the soundtracks of Jersey Boys and Country Strong as well as a lot of Glee songs.

After watching Country Strong, I googled that guy.  I didn't think that could be his real voice.  Well, I was suprised to find out it really is.  But not as suprised as I was to find out he is from northern MN.  What?!  How does he sound so southern?!  And then, when I didn't think I could be more suprised, I saw that he is the main character from Tron.  I watched the whole movie without ever recognizing him.

So there you have it, a little survey type of blog.  I haven't been blogging much lately because I've been working alot this month and it really wipes me out when I work the weekends.  I work this weekend too, but I felt like I should pay some sort of attention to my little blog!

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend and having lots of sunshine wherever you are!


Angie S said...

yay! i like reading about fun details like this! :) i especially love the reading nook idea in your living room inspiration pic! we are getting rid of our insanely too-large-for-our-tiny-living-room- TV and a reading nook would be perfect for that corner! thanks for sharing lyndsey! btw, how have your organizing projects going? i started the family binder one and was sorely disappointed that i missed out on all the free printables for it! they are only available FOR SALE on her etsy site. BUMMER!! i'm trying to make my own versions but woah what a time consuming project this is turning out to be! oy. hope you are having better luck than me! :)

lyndsey said...

Organizing projects...ya, I've been bad lately haha. But I'm getting new inspiration to start decorating my house, so maybe I'll get motivated again. But Hey! I downloaded MOST of her printables, so I can e-mail them to you if you want, (I think, I'm not really sure how well they will go through e-mail, but I'm sure Malachi knows a good way).

Taumi said...

I loved reading this. I thought at first it was going to be all about your closet which is fine by me, but was pleasantly surprised to see you cover all life's pleasures full circle. =) I also love that you surprised me a little with some of your wants ie. toned down motorcycle boots.