Sunday, July 31, 2011


"day 2"

"Today the morning patients were treated less like cattle and I even talked to a few of them.  There is this really cute old guy that is one of the better walkers which makes me happy.  He'll probably be discharged soon which is really good.

I saw a lady that hasnt been diagnosed with it, but really appears to have Multiple Sclerosis.  Which was cool to see.

I saw a lady with urinary incontinence and I got to teach her about weights because my PT had never heard of them and the PT wants me to bring my womens health notes.  In fact, I kept opening my big mouth and saying things like "Oh!  I had a whole class on women's health."  or "Yes, I know what botox is" and "Yes, I know why it is used for spasticity" as well as saying "Oh ya, I did some fall risk assessments for my Geriatrics class so I have some balance tests."  and after a day of me saying all of this and my PT asking me all sorts of questions, she was like "do you have to do an inservice"  and so now I'm gonna have to do an inservice on all of my superior knowledge.  haha.  but ya, I'm nervous about it.

So that was basically the highlight of my day, because other than that, I just stand around and not do anything at all.  So my feet start to hurt and I concentrate alot on not zoning out.

Oh, and I'm bored of this roommate already.  He doesnt like the  he does like baseball  and the obvious reason...I'm sick of having roommates.  I'm on #8.  I think I've served my time.

I also saw a lady today with Perineural Cysts.  Which is weird and uncommon and so we sent her away because the doctor needs to remove or drain those, not us.

Well, I can't believe I havent even been here a week, it feels like a couple weeks.  And it's FREAKIN COLD here!!!  There is a rumor that the sun is gonna come out tomorrow though.  I'm not gonna get my hopes up.  I had to use an umbrella on the way to work today.

Okay, love you guys and miss you!  Let me know what happens on BB7"


Ah...BB7, apparently not much has changed in my life.  I'm getting ready to watch BB13 in 30 minutes!  Woo hoo!  


KATE said...

just curious why it would be cool to see someone with ms? or were you being sarcastic?

lyndsey said...

ya, that could sound weird, huh? The reason why it was 'cool' was because it was something that I had studied and could now apply to a real person. I had met people in my life before who had MS, but outside of the clinic/hospital, I was only able to see and know the person and not really know how their MS presented itself in their life. But when I'm seeing them for treatment, it can be a pretty interesting thing. And I don't mean this in any way that I would wish for someone to have MS. But basically, I guess what I'm trying to say is that, at that point in my life, it was a helpful learning experience.