Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Lyndsey Files

So, I was cleaning out my e-mail of an account I hope to eventually get rid of.  I came across all of these old e-mails that I wrote to my parents during my clinical affiliation out in New York and I don't want to delete them, so I figured I'd store them here on my blog.  So randomly I'll put one of these e-mails in a post.  I won't do it all at once, because some of you might find them annoying.  But I find it kind of interesting to look back at my old self and how I reacted to situations  then that I don't even think twice about anymore.  It puts things in perspective for me a little.  I'll try to always include a picture from New York as well.  Since I was almost always on my own then, that was probably the time that I truly perfected the skill of self portraits, haha.  Anyways, here we go with the first installment!


"My First Day"

"I woke up like 30 times last night!  I was so nervous I was going to sleep in.  And they are REALLY understaffed this week so everyone was almost too busy to even notice me.  So I didnt do very much.  I know that I never want to work in a hospital!!  I saw a side of PT that I had never seen before.  About 20 old people in wheelchairs crammed into a colorless room all waiting for their turn to be walked around the hall.  They werent even treated like real people because the PT's were swamped with all these old people!  I felt bad for the ones that werent senile.  I bet they felt like they were being treated like scum.  And one guy we had to go all over the hospital to try and find his room.  We went to two nursing stations that both said he had been moved only to eventually find out he had died...which was weird.

Then there was one guy who acted like an adult and a child.  He always carried and talked to a stuffed animal and he always carries a fan.  He was asked a question and he said "I don't remember"  and then he picked up his stuffed animal, and while touching its nose with his own nose he asked the stuffed thing "Do you remember?"  The toy didnt remember either.

I saw the smallest wound and thought "heh, this is nothin"  and then tried to find some wood to knock on.

All the PT's are really nice.  This one PT Assistant is really funny.  She's planning a party at her house and she invited all the other PT staff and said that we should come because Denzel Washington is gonna be there.  Then she looked at me and said, "OK, I'll make Will Smith come too."  I guess she lies too, she tries to scare the other PT's by telling them somethings wrong with a family member or patient, just to keep things interesting.

The PT department is definitely the worst I've worked in.  It's old and it smells like old hospital nastiness has soaked into the walls.  But it's good to not always get spoiled with my clinical spots I guess!

I hope someday I'm as smart as the PT's that I always work with.  How can they all be so smart?

Anyways, I'm still praying that my real CI is nice.

Okay, that's my first day!



Haha, My favorite part was when I wrote "I know that I never want to work in a hospital!!"  And here I am, 4 years into working at a hospital full time.

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