Wednesday, September 7, 2011


"day 3"

"Today all the PT's were telling me all of the things to do around here.  It was a little overwhelming after a while, but they are gonna write them down for me.

This morning was BORING.  And will probably be again tomorrow and friday, but the rest of my time should be better.  Because right now I just spend the mornings in the gym with the 'herd' of inpatients.  And I dont ever get to do anything.  The most I do is push a wheelchair around behind somebody that they are helping walk.  But I even dont get to do that very much.  So I talk to the patients that are with it and not mean.  There is this one lady that is really annoying.  I feel bad saying that, because she's in the hospital in a wheelchair and can hardly walk, but I try to avoid eye contact with her so she wont talk to me.  Then there is the cute old guy.  He looks Jewish or something.  He's just so cute!  And so nice!  I like him the best, but dont tell anyone.  But he walks really well, so he'll probably be discharged soon.  And then there is the bilateral knee replacement lady who remembers me every day and calls me "Lynds".  She's cool, but she can't really do anything.  I mean, she's fairly obese and just had surgery on both of her knees.

As for outpatients, I saw alot of people that I saw on monday.  Nothing too interesting happened.  I actually got to assist with this guy that had an infection and so he had knee surgery.  So I felt useful then. 

Basically I spent the day just talking to patients while they were exercising or waiting for Marie (the PT I'm following) to go get something. 

Oh, and I met Debbie today.  She's a grumpy one.  She acts like I dont even exist.  So I know why the other people dont like her.  Usually when I hear bad things about someone before I meet them, I still try to be neutral about them when I do meet them.  But she's hard to enjoy the company of.  The only time she spoke to me all day went like this:
She yelled (to Kathy) "KATHY!"......"KATHY!!!"...."KATHY!!!!"
I said "Do you want me to go get her for you?"
She snapped back at me "Well I NEED Kathy."
And I thought, 'Well, I OFFERED to get her!'  And I still went and got her without saying anything like 'Obviously!'  I held my tongue, because I have to put up with getting treated like an idiot and/or scum until I'm actually a PT.

Anyways, today was pretty uneventful, but that's okay.  I'm still learning the ropes and I'll have to start doing stuff when Liz (my CI) gets here.

The sun came out today!  Its still kinda cold though."


Haha, so ya, this is the place that made me realize how important a good manager is.  And how important it was (and still is) to me, that when looking for a job, try to go somewhere with minimal cat fights.  So far I'm pretty lucky on that front :)  

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