Sunday, October 16, 2011


"day 4 (but feels like 8 for some reason)"

So today my hands smell like old people.  Do you guys have any idea how many old butts and catheters filled with urine I see every day?  Oh the unspoken joys of being a PT.  Sometimes I think I accidently went into nursing and just havent figured it out yet.
My favorite old guy wasnt there today, musta been discharged.  There is this one TINY old woman who had fallen on her hip, but didnt break it so she's just in alot of pain and is an inpatient having gait training.  I find her so amusing because she's so tiny and quiet and doesnt speak until you get her walking and then she has this loud, clear voice.  And she just narrates her entire walk. 
Outpatients were uneventful today.  Except this one lady who we couldnt do anything on her first visit because her insurance doesnt cover anything but an eval the first visit.  Anyways, she says (but we dont have x-rays or anything yet) that she was born with her iliac crests fused to her sacrum.  Well, thats what I assume she meant.  She said her hip bone was fused to...and then started making lots of movements with her hand which I believe to have been the sacrum. 
My roommate works with the owner of our house and I guess the guy is trying to get us cable, but also we are already supposed to have it, and we cant get it to work, so whatever.  I'll just watch the game tonight online again.  Speaking of my roommate, he has gotten off at noon everyday but monday this week.  He gets off at like 10 tomorrow (he starts everyday at 8). 
And next week he only works tuesday, wednessday and thursday.  But its nice because he watches movies and sleeps all afternoon, then when I get back we hang out for about an hour and then he leaves and doesnt get back until after I go to bed, so I get the place to myself for about 3 hours every night.
Sorry I wrote so much this time, today was more tiring than the other days for some reason and I think that makes me ramble more.  Also, my PT didnt even get there till noon, which I find slightly unfair.  I'm the only person besides the receptionist that was there 8 hours today.  They should give me an office...and a salary.
Okay, thats all.  Tomorrow is my last day!  And then Sat. I'm gonna go back to the SDA church that is lacking a congregation and then I go to the airport to get Malachi and we're gonna go see Niagara Falls!!  Woo hoo!  Today when Marie got to work she presented me with a massive stack of maps and brochures and a newspaper.  She's so excited for me to explore and she got all the other staff (well, not mean-Debbie) excited too.  Rhonda, the receptionist, printed off a whole stack of upcoming events from the internet today for me too. 
Okay, now I'm really done. 
Love ya!

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