Tuesday, January 17, 2012


since this post has more about Bucky Phillips, I thought I would post the picture of the mysterious bedroom in the attic.
"day 8"

Today was a crazy day.
So remember the daring guy from the ICU who always had a funny grin on his face?  Well today he was brought down for inpatient gait training and I don't know why they didnt put him in a chair with a belt, but he kept trying to get up when no PTs were around and finally he did when Liz was there and she got him a walker and he basically drug her across the gym and went in between these other inpatients in wheelchairs, so i got his chair and was following them and I had to quickly move all these other people out of the way really quickly so that I could get his chair through and he went to this mat and sat down and was trying to lay down.
Then another inpatient we had stand up and he "sharted" if ya know what I mean.  And it STUNK.
I got to do a patient all by myself today and I got to document what I did so I had to sign my name "L Daniel, Student DPT"  Woo hoo!!  My name is officially documented with DPT after it! 
Ethel (the crazy PT aide) wants to have me over for supper before I leave.  For fried chicken and collared greens haha.  Ya, she likes me, I knew it.  I give her a hard time, but not nearly as bad as she does to me! 
We had this one lady sent up from the ER today, last minute for whirlpool on her wound.  Well, getting her from the ER, I was expecting a pretty exciting wound.  The order said that it was on the front of her left leg so we took the blanket off of her leg and it looked completely healthy.  So we uncovered the other leg and it was also healthy.  So we lifted up her leg and found a dime sized wound behind her ankle.  Sure, you could see the bone, but I've seen much worse.
Today I TOTALLY have cable!  I didnt even ask for it!  It's just here!  So I'm watching the news and they are talking about that Bucky Phillips.  I hear about him from 99% of my patients and all the people I work with and every where I go.  They upped the reward to $250,000 and one of my patients said that her husband wanted to take a week off from work and go "Bucky Hunting".
Also, Joe moved out today and so I moved into the single bedroom and I like it SOOOO much better. 
I get to watch BB7!  (is it even still on?)
When does Grey's Anatomy start?
When are the cowboys games?
Thats all I need.  Haha.
Man, this is the life, cable, internet, my own room, niagara falls, fairly nice people to work with, and the sun finally came out!  Of course, I'm too dead tired to do anything this week.  I think I'll be used to the 7 AM thing next week though.
Okay, I'm gonna clean out the fridge and cabinets of all the other peoples food and eat and 'chillax'.  haha.
Love ya!

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