Tuesday, February 14, 2012


"day 12"

Before I forget, if I get a letter from HH, please open it and tell me everything it says.  It shouldnt be for at least a week though.
This morning in in-patient gait training I saw the lady who I saw in surgery.  She was walking!  It's pretty crazy.  I think I may have annoyed Liz by saying "Wow, it's just so amazing to picture what's going on in her knees right now."  Over and over and over.
Also I did my first FULL eval today!  It was TERRIFYING.  And I felt like I was doing horrible, but I guess I did what needed to be done!  Man, it is really amazing how bad you can feel like you are doing and the patients still come back to see you.  I kept hurting this lady too.  But she was kinda a weird case.  And it was the ELBOW, which I havent reviewed in quite a while, because you dont see elbow cases very much. 
Today was the second time I brought my lunch down to the cafe and ate with Liz and Sharon and some other hospital people.  Sharon is CRAZY.  She seems fairly old, but I think she's only late 50s, but she smokes, so I think that's why she seems older.  And she just dumped her boyfriend.  It's so weird to sit around with a bunch of 50 somethings who are breaking up with their boyfriends and then go and hang out with my 20 something friends who are all married. 
Bitter-Kathy wasnt there today which was nice because she's pretty annoying.  And I guess she broke something and everyone was saying in a mocking voice "Oh well KATHY didnt do it, KATHY doesnt break ANYTHING." And then Sharon said "Well how could she?  She's never even here."  It was really funny.  I guess one time Kathy didnt show up for 2 days and said she had gotten locked in her basement and couldnt get to her phone.  Liz can't believe she's not fired.
Okay, I have to go find the post office and mail a bunch of birthday cards and the H hospital thing. 
Oh, and last night my roommate (not the Desiree' one) went on and on and on about fibromyalgia.  And I kept saying, "ya, I know."  "ya, I know."  "ya, I know"  "ya, I know, we get alot of fibromyalgia patients"  "ya I FREAKING KNOW!!!!"  Okay, I didnt say that last one, but I was about to go insane.  I'M NOT AN IDIOT.  It didnt take me 2 years of classes to learn how to run a treadmill, we do learn about other things.  Sheesh.  I still like the Desiree one.  I actually like them both, just not when I'm being treated like that.  I mean, it started from me talking about one of my patients with fibromylagia, but I dont think I even ever finished my story, because as soon as she heard that, she felt the need to educate me.  Okay, I'll stop whining. 
Love ya!

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