Friday, September 14, 2012

30 Spring Essentials

I found a spring checklist on a fashion blog and I was wondering how I did.  Too late to be helpful, but I still thought I'd score myself.

 x  Spring loafers - I'm counting my boat shoes
__ Printed wide leg pant - I'm still not loving wide legs, and not brave enough for printed pants
 x  Oversized blazer - I'm counting my 3 proper fitting blazers
     Long Pendant necklace 
 x  The Midi dress
 x  Pleated Maxi skirt - my midi dress is pleated, does that count?
 x  Pointy pumps
     washed out cropped jean 
     denim jacket 
 x  strings of beads necklaces
 x  trench coat
 x  printed clutch
__ white sneakers
 x  springtime scarves
 x  lightweight topcoat 
 x  button down denim shirt
__ eyelet tea dress
__ printed one-piece bathing suit
__ boxy shoulder bag
__ opened toe bootie 
 x  sweater jacket
 x  floral blouse - I'm counting my swan printed blouse and my floral 3/4 sleeved top
     cocktail ring
     daytime bustier
__ school girl dress
     wedged sandles
 x  striped t-shirt
     nude colored leather jacket
__ heavy chain necklace
 x  perfect white tank

15 out of 30.  50% ain't bad if I do say so myself!

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