Monday, September 3, 2012

August Somethings

from this past month, here is something I:
This month was one of the craziest months of my life.  From the minute it started it was a whirlwind, and an amazing one at that.  You know, it can take a lot of patience to trust God.  But when you get the pleasure of seeing Him at work in your life, it's so incredible and exciting.  And getting the honor of seeing that for an entire month...I am just amazed and gracious for it.  Among the whirlwind, some specific things that I loved...getting to see my besties again among other good friends as well, picking out where we will be moving to, getting to interview (and surviving my nervousness leading up to it!), eating so. much. food!, Malachi starting school again...for free!  Oh man, what a great and crazy month.  Glory be to God.

listened to:   

The Olympics closing ceremony, especially the part with The Spice Girls, haha.

Did you really doubt for even a second that I would be watching Big Brother?  Oh, and my apologies about the above speedo!

Malachi and I are currently studying Revelation.  We are reading it in a Bible, a Study Bible and then in God Cares Vol 2.  It's been fun.  And I feel like we've been studying it for a while, but we are still just on Revelation chapters 2 and 3!!

Touching back on what I was talking about above, all that God has done for me this month, I've really thought a lot about one thing.  Who am I to deserve this?  The verse Psalm 8:3 "who is man that You are mindful of him?" could never ring truer to me.  I see all the horrible things happening in this world that are on the news daily.  And yet, for some reason, God cares about my seemingly insignificant troubles as well?  Enough even, to create an intricate masterpiece of occurrences that had to take place in order for things to act out so perfectly.  God is amazing.  Trust Him with all your heart.

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