Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chocolate Goodies

Last weekend I made some treats for a co-worker's birthday.  I decided to make Oreo Truffles and my go-to chocolate chip cookies (just in case the truffles were a disaster).
This was the first time I ever actually baked for people other than family or close friends, and I was a wee bit nervous. (I dreamed about their reactions the night before I brought them to work...)

Well, my day was made because they were a hit!  They loved both of them!  They were actually mad at me at how good the truffles were, because they couldn't stop eating them! 

Here are the truffles, the recipe I used said to sprinkle some crumbled oreo on top, which I gladly did.  It worked nicely to cover up my chocolate coating.  I had never coated anything in chocolate before.  And I don't care to ever again, haha.

And here is a picture of my yummy cinnamon chocolate chip cookies.  I've posted these on my old blog before.

And here is Toby.  He supported me in my cooking by watching me.


Taumi said...

I've made truffles before and I agree with you--all that dipping is a chore. These both look fantastic! I didn't notice on your last cookie post that there was cinnamon on top of those cookies! I have never had some like that before. I enlist you to bake me some sometime. Seriously.

Actually, wouldn't it be kind of fun to all (V,you, me) bake something special for each other and mail it at the same time?

lyndsey said...

That's such a great idea Taumi! We should plan that sometime. And I think a good time would be away from holiday times, if ya know what I mean!