Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's get cookin!

As I mentioned previously, we were given this beauty for Christmas!

And so I decided the first thing I made with it would be bread.

The mixer really made it very easy.  However, next time I use this recipe, I will definitely cut the recipe in half.  We don't need this much bread at one time.

This is a dipping oil we bought on our Stillwater Date this past summer, and decided to open it up for our fresh bread.

Here are a few of my favorite cooking books.  The one I used for the next recipe was out of the taller blue one, French Women Don't Get Fat.

I decided to try the Yellow Pepper Soup.

Which requires several yellow peppers!

While it's cooking...

And our yummy meal!

The soup was better as a leftover, once all the flavors combined.  But it's a little too sweet of a soup for me to ever crave.  I think I would add more potatoes next time for a little more substance.


We also received an electric wok for Christmas!  So Malachi can finally make all that stir fry he craves so often.

And he did!

Mmm, it was really good.

And last but not least, we made some smoothies.  We bought several frozen fruit packages at Aldi's a while back because we were so excited to see so much fruit that hadn't had sugar added to it!

Okay, well now I'm hungry.  So I'm gonna go eat, I just have to decide between left over stirfry or soup...they both sound so good...


Vanessa said...

RE: Kitchenaid - Don't even talk to me.

RE: Electric Wok - Still don't talk to me.

Taumi said...

lol, V is funny. I don't really like having very many electric things around to take up room but the electric wok would be more fun to use than my stovetop one.

I have all those cookbooks except the Pioneer Woman...I have looked at it. Have you made anything our of it yet?

lyndsey said...

hahaha, vanessa, you are hilarious.

T- ya, we are lucky that we have a good space in the cupboards to hold all of our kitchen electric stuff, so it doesnt clutter up the kitchen. And nope, I havent made anything out of Pioneer Woman yet. I'll let you know when I do!

Kate said...

Food all looks yummy and I like the new blog. We have a stove-top wok, never use it, maybe I should. We also have a Bosch mixer, never use that either, Shane does sometimes and I plan on using it when I start making my own bread. Not sure when that will be, I will for sure post about it because it will be a momentous occasion.

Mike said...

Nice! The first thing I made with ours was chocolate chip cookies. Minus the chocolate chips of course!