Wednesday, February 9, 2011


On Sunday morning we decided to make us some pancakes!  We usually go the pannakoeken route when we want some sort of sweet and doughy goodness for breakfast, because they are so easy AND delicious.  But this morning, only pancakes would do.  I used my mix for the first time that I bought from Hawaii (and the syrup too).  And it was very yummy!!

And Malachi made 'regular' pancakes (with substitutions as you can imagine)



So delicious that Malachi made pancakes again for supper yesterday!


Malachi said...

I must tell you guys that my "regular" pancakes were UNDOUBTEDLY the most splendid creation. I delight my mouth with not one, not two, nay...three servings of this delightful mana.

Malachi said...

Okay I know this is turning into my soapbox here with all these comments...but this blog made me so excited through lookin at it that I made pancakes for lunch!!!

Dear pancake, You are simply the most fun and enjoyable meal for Malachi. Thank you for being you.

Kate said...

So funny...we love pancakes too, shane makes the best vegan pancakes ever as long as you can eat wheat flour, rice flour, and cornmeal. We eat them for breakfast most mornings lately.

Taumi said...

these all look yummy. and that coconut syrup sounds gooood.