Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's been a while!

Ya, I don't think I've exited the blogging world for quite so long at one time before.  But I am back with all the good intentions I can handle to not desert you again!
A lot has happened since valentines day, and I'll just catch you up on the basics.  Blogs will follow to fill in details about some of these bullet points.
  • We celebrated valentines day and that kicked off a great week of going out to eat with Jonny, celebrating Malachi's birthday, and Vanessa and Ryan driving through a snowstorm to come and see us!
  • Then we celebrated my mom's birthday and had a little Oscar's party.  We all filled out prediction sheets and my mom dominated.  We found out her secret though.  Cheating via Internet predictions!  We will be monitoring her closely come Feb 2012.

  • Meanwhile my bank account was hacked into and a little over $300.00 was stolen.  I got most of it back though thank-goodness.
  • I have been doing A LOT of organizing lately and it is feeling sooooo good to do.  (I will describe this more in a following blog)  But during this process I managed to make a huge mistake.  Deleting more than 7,000 of my camera photos.  (I know, why in the world do I have that many photos!)  I'll explain more later, but I did manage to end up with MOST of my pictures safe and sound.
  • I took a day off (after one of my many 12 day weeks) and spring cleaned myself silly!  It was such a relief to have this house clean again.  I can't even describe how happy it made me, but I'm sure most of you know this feeling I'm talking about.
  • We hired a new full time PT at work!  Whew!  No longer have to work so frequently on the weekends!  Well, except for May.  You don't want to talk to me in May, I will be grumpy.
  • We scored free tickets to the musical Hair.  I don't have a lot to say about that, but what I do want to say, I feel needs more than a bullet point, so I will try to write about this later as well.
  • Malachi kind of has a job now.  No contracts have been signed yet, so nothing is for sure at this point, and it's certainly not Malachi's dream job, so hopefully God sends him something better or at least tells Malachi what he should do while in this period of limbo.
  • Jeremy came and visited last weekend!  It was really nice to see him again even though it was for so short a time.
  • And last but not least, my parents showed me something last Thursday that I will share with you guys in my very next posting sometime this week.
Otherwise, that's all I've been up to!  As for things I have planned...
  • I hope to pay off my car THIS MONTH!  Oh, I'm so excited.  A little hiccup in the process is that my name has changed since I bought we'll see how speedy we can make this pay-off process work.
  • Malachi and I have a little trip planned for our anniversary.  Nothing glamorous like beaches and bright blue ocean water.  But a getaway all the same, even if it is just driving distance away.  I'll post about it when we get back. 
  • I hope to be getting a new bike some time soon.  And Malachi and I are going to try to do a couple of bike "races" this summer.  (not really races, I'm not that intense!)
  • And now that AT&T swallowed T-mobile, the word on the street is that I may be getting a new phone sometime in the future.  This I find very exciting because my phone is annoying me more and more each day.  To any of you who may call me:  just text.  My phone doesn't tell me when I missed a call, it doesn't tell me when i have a voicemail.  If you do happen to leave me a voicemail and you need to hear back from me soon, text me as well to tell me to check my voicemail.  Cause my phone likes to keep phone calls a secret from me.  Hopefully my number doesn't change again though.  Well only if I don't get another number that the collections agency is obsessed with calling.
Okay, I should get back to my chores.  Do they ever end???


Angie S said...

glad you are back to the blogging world! i havent posted in a long time either... i'm excited to hear more about your organizing projects! you are probably a lot farther along than i am! i blame it on the two natural disasters: hurricane connor and cyclone marissa.

Taumi said...

First off, why are you so tan? Or is that lovely coral/pink sweater playing tricks on my eyes?

I'm also thinking about getting a bike. I need one that takes less energy to get moving. Mine is from the 70's and way hard to pedal.

Paying off cars IS exciting! Yay! And I also had my account stolen from but we got it all back. Scary how frequently this happens.

I have a bout 8,000 photos. And I know how scary it is when you think you've lost them all. Turns out I only lost about three months. Glad you got most of them back.

Hair is wierd. Not even entertainingly wierd. And what did you think of Anne and James as hosts for the Oscar's?

lyndsey said...

Haha, ya I'm not tan. It must have been a case of too much makeup or luck with lighting.

Ya, my bike is too hard to pedal too. It's not quite as old as the 70's, but definitely not great.

Anne did great at the oscars I thought. She could have pulled it off on her own. I felt bad for James. I probably would have done about the same as him...racked full of nerves so much that everything you do just looks awkward and painful to watch.