Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentines Day!

This weekend I...
  • Worked, but it was a good group of patients, so I really shouldn't complain.
  • Finished a project for my mom (I made a book for her)
  • Purchased and then took my ethics and jurisprudence class and test so that I could...
  • Renew my PT license
  • bought the last of Malachi's birthday'll just have to wait to see, Malachi!
  • Shampooed our dining room carpet
  • Opened the windows to let FRESH air in the house!
  • Fed my new-found addiction to the show Brothers and Sisters
  • Did some of the budget
  • Studied more of the book of Daniel (I'm almost all the way through, but this study has only made me want to study it even more, so with the help of Vanessa, I've ordered a couple more books to help me dive in a little deeper)
  • cleaned a little
  • didn't cook a darn tootin thing believe it or not (those that know me well will not have a hard time believing that).
  • Did an online health assessment that I have to do every year to start off some health improving event.  This system is part of my health insurance and it is not a reward system, but instead a punishment system.  If I don't complete one of their tasks, my health insurance goes up in ways co-pay doubles for the entire next year.  It really irritates me.  And this year Malachi has to do it to.  However, this year they have some different options.  We are deciding between 3-20 minute online 'coaching' sessions about a health topic we want to improve in (boring, but easy); or 1-60 mile or 2-30 mile bike races (fun, but more expensive and takes a little planning).  So, if it's the bike races, I'm sure you'll hear about it.  And if it's the coaching, I won't waste your time.
Otherwise, that was my weekend!  Super busy with not very interesting things, but also very productive!

Oh, and I sure do hope you all are having a wonderful Valentines Day.  And don't just say it's a greeting card holiday, it's also a day that you can wear the pretty color pink with a bit of red!  I pulled out my heart socks today and nobody questioned.  And it's a day that you can give people a little piece of paper with Strawberry Shortcake on it or Bob the Builder or the Green   not sure... but regardless, you can give them a little valentine and brighten their day.  And if you STILL don't like Valentines Day, well it's ALSO a day that you can eat a little extra candy and some frosted things like cupcakes.  So I hope you all are having a very Happy Valentines Day!!!

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Taumi said...

I think it's stupid that people claim to hate V-Day. I think it's just become cool to hate it and that's why they say they do. I personally LOVE any reason for pink and cupcakes.