Sunday, April 10, 2011

Malachi's Birthday

Malachi's birthday was months ago.  But I made him a new cake and I wanted to show you all.

It was a "chocolate" torte.  And it was sugar free AND vegan.  Meaning no eggs?!

Malachi does eat eggs, but the website that I got this recipe from is a vegan website, and she used avocados instead of eggs.  And honestly, I just don't know the conversion of avocados to eggs, so vegan it is!  And it wasn't too bad.  The texture was great, and Malachi said it was tasty, so I deem it a birthday torte success!

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Angie S said...

bravo lyndsey! it does look tasty even though i am not sure how avacodo and cake/torte mix...i'll have to just trust you on that one! btw, i really like your table runner/centerpiece! love green and the rocks are a great idea. :)i give it two thumbs up.