Monday, April 11, 2011

My Weekend

Let's not beat around the bush here, this weekend I bought a new bike!

It's so pretty and perfect!
I also bought a comfy seat for it (cause I'm not a fan of a bruised tush)

And I bought a bright green water bottle holder.  Like I told Malachi, the style is in the accessories :)

Oh, and I added a kickstand as well.  Otherwise I bought it as is, on a nice little 2010 clearance!  I'm so excited!!!  We also picked up some papers for upcoming bike tours, so hopefully some of them work out.

Also, Ryan and Vanessa came over!  We went out to eat at Pazza Luna (one of our faves) and we stuffed our faces with delicious food, and lots of it.  We scoped out books at barnes & noble to buy cheaper on the internet later.  They have to know that happens all the time, right?  So here's a note to you, Woodbury Barnes & Noble...get a coffee shop to attract more people to your store, or else you may be doomed, and nobody wants that.
And then we all snuggled in for the 3 hour-long movie, Australia.  Totally different than I had thought it would be.  And I really liked it.  That little boy is such a good actor and sooo cute!

Otherwise, all I did this weekend was read alot (finished 2 books!), lounged alot, cleaned a little and enjoyed some warm weather and powerful thunderstorms!

Hope you all had a safe and good weekend!  If only weekends were 3 days long...

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Taumi said...

We are in the market for new bikes too. I really have no clue what I need...I just know what looks cute but I'm guessing the cute bikes are not so good on hills. Because I have a cute green cruiser and I have to pedal like a mother....