Saturday, April 23, 2011

Organizing #3

The March Challenge from IHeartOrganizing was to make a household binder.  And here is mine:

Now, I'll admit.  I really had no interest in this initially and had even decided to sit out this challenge.  I don't have kids, and it seems to be most useful for those who do.  But as I started reading more and more about it, my interest grew.  So I decided to make one, certainly cater it to my own life, and if it doesn't seem worth it for me after a trial period, I'll toss it.  But really, I already like it alot.

On the inside of the front cover, I have a checklist of my blog post ideas.  This has been fun to get my ideas out on paper, and since I had a whole page filled up, I could only show you this much of it, haha:

Most of these templates (like the one above) are from the IHeart website.  She sells them, but gave away several for free during this challenge.

My first section is my cleaning section.  I am going to revise this already.  I don't want it to be such an involved checklist.  I don't want to have to refer to this binder everyday.

And here is her Maintenance list, I still need to go through this and cross out everything that doesn't apply to me since I rent.

Here is the reason I am loving the binder... my finances.  Definitely beats my last method of recording spending (which was a over used piece of notebook paper).  I love this.  I put in all of my expenses, then the deposits at the bottom, then at the very bottom I write the difference and pray that there is not a negative sign in front of it.  On the far right, I have listed the averages for the end of that year.  This is my page, with all the numbers blocked out, from when I started recording our finances once we were married. through december of last year.

Then a handy little section to remember dates.

And a way to keep track of our cars.

So the finance section is my favorite. And truly worth having the binder.

I would like to incorporate a section for food.  For coupons, and take out menus and what not.

Also I'd like to put a section for business cards too.

So March was pretty easy, compared to the last two challenges!

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Vanessa said...

I thought you were my friend until I saw this post. Now it's like I don't even know you...