Sunday, April 24, 2011

Organizing #4

The April challenge from IHeartOrganizing is to throw away 30 things in 30 days.  When I read that, I realized this month was gonna be a vacation!  I throw stuff away all the time.

So I'm done for this month with collecting items to get rid of.  I've been putting all of my CDs on my computer and will either donate them to goodwill or toss them since most of them don't have a case anymore.  Anyone want some CDs?

The clothing I always take to Plato's closet and then take the remaning to goodwill.

In her blog she talks about selling, and I've decided that Plato's closet is as much effort as I want to put into selling.  I just can't see people buying my junk and so I can't talk myself into putting in the effort.  And I'm okay with that.

So CD's, clothes and books are the majority of my throw box.  Definitely over 30.  And I get rid of things all the time, so again, this challenge was like a vacation.  Easy peasy!


Angie S said...

I agree! I am skipping this month's challenge since I am getting rid of way more than 30 items this month! I'm getting ready for our garage sale this summer and I have a huge stash already! It feels so good to downsize and simplify!

Taumi said...

I just started listing things on It's a site for media items (books, music, movies, games) that you list for swapping. I guess this doesn't work if you don't want anything in return but it might help you get a couple of books on your wishlist without spending more than it takes to ship a reject out.