Sunday, May 1, 2011

So one day an e-mail popped up in my inbox.  And it said something along the lines of, click here to see what your baby will look like.  And it was through the website, The Nest, so I wasn't worried about it being a virus.  And I thought it would be fun!

So I went to the page:

And put in our pictures:

And clicked "show me our baby":

And voila!  If we ever have a kid, this is it:

Ya, it's not bad, but we couldn't figure out if it is a boy or a girl.  So we decided on a name like Rumpelstilskin or something to that effect.

So go here and see what your baby (or next baby?) will look like, and I'd love to see if you care to share!


Taumi said...

Does it just choose a face in it's data base that fits your hair and eye color? Weird. Cute kid though. lol

Vanessa said...

Ahaha! I will SLAP you if you put that hat on your kid! (someone has to fight for the children)