Monday, May 2, 2011

We like to eat.

I mentioned how it was pretty cold up in Two Harbors, right?  Well, because of that, we ended up doing alot of eating, something we tend to enjoy.

We at BlackWoods

We ate at Do North (per townies recommendations)

We ate at Kamloop's (at our lodge)

We at at Vinciniti's (or something close to that name) in Duluth 

We ate at the Vanilla Bean Cafe (yummy black bean burger by the way!)

It's a sin to go up north and not go to Betty's Pies

Yes, that is three slices.  Go ahead, judge.

And back to Kamloop's after we checked out of the hotel on our way home.

Oh man, you would think that would make me full, but...I'm gonna go grab a piece of pie!!


Miriam said...

Awww Happy (belated) Anniversary! And I love your cute shorter hair!

Taumi said...

Mmm, I love food too!

Vanessa said...

This post is evidence of why you are my friend :)