Tuesday, March 6, 2012


"day 15"

Today was very fast and easy.  I do alot of teaching and reviewing exercises with people for abdominal and back strengthening so that's how I spent my morning.  And we had alot of patients so that's why it went by so quickly.  We have this one lady who gets her legs whirlpooled and bandanged everyday because she has major fluid build-up.  She's a really sweet lady who cant hear anything you say at all.  And I've never really followed a patient who had this before from start to finish, so it's really interesting to see progress.  Even though the weekend seemed to cause a little regression.  But everyday when I see her it really makes me want to do lots of lower extremity exercises. 
At the cafeteria the ice cream place is called the "ICU" for 'Ice Cream Unit'.  I thought it was kinda cute.
This afternoon two of our patients didnt show up so we went up to do a bedside on this guy who was...well as Liz put it, "a social worker's nightmare".  This guy had all kinds of contagious stuff that I don't want (like Shingles and AIDS).  And he's been known to be violent to the nurses.  And he's got dementia.  And he's 26 years old.  So we go in and he thinks we are getting him ready to go home which made it interesting.  He was very capable of walking and so if you turned your back on him for a second he would be out the door.  This security guard who couldnt be older than me had just gone on duty to supervise him from 3 PM to 11 PM.  I feel bad for him. He was telling someone when we were walking the patient that he was thinking of going into psychology.  Liz and I think he'll change his mind by 11 PM.
Ardie gave me a bunch more sea glass today.  She's so sweet.  She buys vitamins for Sharon because she's not very healthy.  And Ethel got right back to her old ways today.  She was pretty well behaved last week, but she was teasing me almost constantly today.  But she's still nice.  Mean-Debbie is ridiculous.  I don't know if I told you this yet or not, but there are two PT's that have been there for many years and they still dont even have desks.  And Debbie just got her own big office about a week and a half ago.  Well, Debbie is using her office for a phone book and a place to sit and she still has everything at her old desk.  And Marie and Sheri still don't have desks. 
Well, I have to start filling out my CPI because this week is my midterm review.  Oh and about the E-coli.  I told Liz about that today and she said that she had suspected that's what I had.  And Ardie got all worried about me 'cause she's so sweet and was telling me to be careful because it might stay in me for about a week.  But so far, every symptom I've heard of, I've had.  So maybe it is true, that I did get it.  So I'm done with salads for a while.  My attempt to be healthy made me unhealthy, so bring on the french fries and mad-cow-disease-hamburgers!  Woo hoo!!
love ya!

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