Friday, April 13, 2012

We Apologize For This Interruption of Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Hello all!

I am going to be cutting back on the blog until my life settles back down a little bit.  Being in the middle of moves is just too time consuming.  I won't be posting my daily photos anymore.  I am going to try to still do the monthly "somethings", I will try to finish out the new york internship posts (even if it annoys the heck out of you, because I'm trying to get it out of my e-mail, but still obtainable), and I'm not quitting cold turkey, so if I have time I'll probably post a little.  But I'm writing this because it might also be that I stop all together for several months.

If you just can't get enough of me, I do have a lot of other forms of social media that I can be reached and/or stalked at (direct links are included).

I have a Facebook (no link because if I know you, you already know that I am on facebook)
I have a Pinterest
I have Instagram - (sooo very happy that this is not just for iphones anymore)
I have a Twitter (but let me tell you, I do not and have never posted on this.  I basically use it to stalk people like Kristen Bell and Conan O'Brien and sign up for things that I don't want to give my facebook password to)
I have a Shelfari

So as you can see, I'm certainly not in hiding.  And if you are happy that I will be posting less on the old blog, and quite frankly are getting sick of me, then you can just use that list above as a handy guide to know where to avoid me!

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