Monday, January 24, 2011

Doggie School

So I've been going with my parents to Toby's puppy school.  It's really been very interesting, and I'm trying to incorporate some of what I learn into Dylan and Daisy's lives.  The above picture is a failed effort to keep Dylan's paws warm outside.  They only had the little socks in pink, I was not trying to make it any more embarrassing than it already was for the little guy.

Dylan has actually turned into an angel dog, and we are not sure why.  But Daisy, once our little perfect princess puppy, she has gone crazy!  More like she has gone lazy.  I will save you the details.  They will only bore you.  And instead I will leave you with a picture of Dylan on New Years Eve.

He may be a good dog, but I think he parties a little too hard.

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Taumi said...

Did the socks work? That last picture is funny. He needs little doggy glasses.