Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two Harbors, MN

For our 1-year anniversary (already, what?!), we went up north to the freezing tundra.  It actually was very cold.  But our last day there it warmed up enough to be able to spend some time outside in the sunshine.

Don't get me wrong, we had a great time regardless of the weather.  It's good to just get away if nothing else!

This is out behind our hotel, where I asked Malachi to brave the cold wind in order to take some photos outside with me.

He was a champ!

Malachi loves skipping rocks from this rocky beach!

This was our view out our window

The decorations in the room were great, and I liked these lamps.  The other lamps with fish hooks hanging off of them...not so much.

We also had a hot tub in our room!  So nice for after a bike ride!

And as you can see behind Malachi, we had a fireplace too!  So you can see, the cold weather wasn't so bad!

We also exchanged gifts (if that wasn't obvious).  We are trying to be traditional and get, well, traditional themed gifts.  So the one year anniversary traditional gift is paper.  I got Malachi a puzzle (of a picture of us from Hawaii) and a gift card to Barnes & Noble.  Malachi gave me two journals, a travel one (already filled in with our adventures from this weekend) and an awesome recipe journal.  It has all you need for making an awesome recipe book!

I'll fill you in on a little bit more of our vacay in the next few days, but that's all for today!


Taumi said...

Sounds like a great relaxing time. And by the way, we are coming up on our 7 year anniversary and it each year shocks me how fast the time goes.

Vanessa said...

That picture of you jumping makes me scared that you're going to fall and bash your head open on the rocks. Cool pic, though :P